Meet Solomon Nero

In 2010, Nero Minded Productions was established in order to provide outstanding HD video content for the Albany and Utica New York area. Its founder, Solomon Nero, has operated in the capacity of Director, Film maker, 3D Animator, Director of Photography, and a number of other functions, to furnish a wide range of knowledge, diversity and experience in a cutting-edge industry. Adapting this rich fusion of talents in the field, Nero Minded Productions is passionately dedicated to creating videos for its clients that utilize the highest quality and newest technology available today. Nero Minded Productions now offers the RED SCARLET-X Cinema Camera to the Albany and Utica areas! Used in some of the biggest feature films, these RED cameras will allow you to capture your vision with the precision and beauty of cinema! Nero Minded Productions offers a broad array of video productions, ranging from Music videos, Promotional videos, Web Videos, and Wedding videos, and in addition, includes the production of short and feature films! Nero Minded Productions supplies the greatest talent, most unique creativity and the best physical equipment to not only meet, but also exceed client expectation. Whatever your video needs may be, remember Nero Minded Productions; The BEST option for affordable professional video!